I bought my first 35mm film camera in high school, and I won my first photo contest with the first image I took with the camera that, is when I began a lifelong love affair with art, color, and imagery. I get up in the morning thinking about photography. I often stay up past my bedtime reading, planning, and exploring it, too.
I’m the lucky father of two amazing son’s. My hometown is Duluth, Mn near the shores of Lake Superior. My style is simple, modern, and candid. I specialize in playing, laughing, and relaxing with your little (and big) ones. I’m always patient, allowing kids to do what they do best – be kids. With my camera in my hands, I capture the special moments as they happen.
Have a look around. My work isn’t for everyone. But if it resonates with you, and you want to book a session, please call me at 218-213-2723, or drop me a line at contact@jhcohenphotography.com

P.S. I love to shoot on location – I can come to your home, we can visit your favorite park, or just about anywhere you want to go…I love new places!