Duluth mn senior photography

I hear congratulations are in order! Congrats on making it to this awesome point in your life — your senior year. You’re about to step off into an amazing journey through college, career, and family, but before you get there, let’s pause.

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Let’s pause for just a moment and capture this fleeting year in a way that is unique to you, and in a way that captures who you truly are.
I’m Joe, and I have a passion for making high school seniors look and feel amazing. Who wants to go to the same boring studio and get the same boring pictures as everyone else? So let’s not do that.

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Let’s create some gorgeous images of you during the most amazing year of your life. These are the days to remember.
Senior sessions are typically 1-3 hours long. We’ll arrange a pre-session chat so I can get to know more about you — we want that to show in your pictures!
We’ll go over your wardrobe choices and discuss locations — I have tons of cool ideas for places that I guarantee none of your friends are going to. On the day of your session, well go over your wardrobe options, go to your first location. We’ll typically visit 3-4 locations throughout your session to get lots of variety for you to choose from.
Senior session packages start at $359

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You can reach me at 218.213.2723 contact@jhcohenphotography.com or facebook @ www.facebook.com/jhcohenphotography 

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